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PMP Online Certification

The Project Management Professional certificate or the PMP certificate is an essential certificate for the project manager as this certificate escalates an average learning for the individual over 20% more than those without the certification. Basically, the certification helps an individual to get a better profiled job with good package, which is more than the industry standard package and also retain the same job with more dignity. However, it has been recognized by many organizations that properly trained project managers with certificate holder are fundamental to the success of the business.

The PMP certification course and the PMP Certification Training prepares an individual to a level wherein he or she can pass the project management certification exam on their first attempt. Different organizations, do organize 4-day PMP boot camp for the individuals and provides all the knowledge and tools that are needed for a better tomorrow and a better career. More importantly, the interested individuals can register themselves for the upcoming project management certification courses at their convenient in the local training facilities.

Few benefits that add on to a manager life after the successful completion of the PMP certification course includes:

Growth in Career: The PMP certification course is an internationally recognized and approved course and is appreciated by the entire global business community; wherein the biggest corporates look out for PMP certified project managers.

Enhance Individual Skills: Becoming a PMP certified manager is not an easy job as a significant amount of coursework is involved in it. The individual need to undergo rigorous training and education for the same in five-project management processes, which include planning, initiating, implementing, monitoring and controlling and finally closing.

Expand Individual Marketability: The PMP certification opens an opportunity for the individual to reach to global organizations working in different parts of the world thus enhancing the professional marketability to a great extent and exploring varied option and experiences as a project manager.

Earn More: It is a practice in the market that a PMP certified project managers do earn more, at least 20 percent more than any other non-certified managers. No sooner, an individual becomes a PMP degree holder; he or she gets an authority to demand a higher pay and can also expect an immediate hike.

Be A Project Manager Corporates Look For: A PMP certification does shape an individual as an efficient project manager depending on how serious he or she is regarding the course. The course does teach a project manager a lot of things and varied aspects that he or she needs to take care in career..

Sl. No. Chapter Study Material
1 Project Management Framework
2 Project Management Processes
3 Project Integration Management
4 Project Scope Management
5 Project Time Management
6 Project Cost Management
7 Project Quality Management
8 Project Human Resource Management
9 Project Communications Management
10 Project Risk Management
11 Project Procurement Management
12 Project Stakeholder Management
13 Process Group View
14 Professional and Social Responsibility
15 Sample Test - 1
16 Sample Test - 2